Episode 9: Is text messaging killing your relationships?

In these challenging times our relationships are more precious than ever. Find out how Marshall McLuhan's media theory can vastly improve our friendships.

Episode 8: J'accuse! Overcoming philistinism in English language teaching

In this episode I talk about some counterintuitive yet helpful advice from one of my favourite columnists and address the issue of philistinism in ELT. Why does literature play such a small role in the teaching of English? Why are we so unambitious in our approach to writing?

Episode 7: An oasis in the desert? Dubai Expo and post-covid culture

In this week's episode I talk about my recent trip to Dubai. This year the emirate is hosting Expo, so I decided to explore a bit of the cultural impact of this international event throughout history. I come to the conclusion that the post-Covid world needs more catharsis-inducing art.

Episode 6: New Year's resolutions worth making

In this episode I talk about New Year's resolutions. Where did they originate? Are they worth making?

Episode 5: New learner interview series on YouTube

In lieu of the usual format, this week I’ve uploaded a YouTube interview with Gorka, an advanced English learner based in Bilbao. The video includes in-video captions so that you can learn key words and chunks from our conversation on a wide range of topics.

Episode 4: Are you in your prime?

Wednesday 22 December: What does it mean to be in your prime?

Episode 3: An inconvenient truth

Wednesday 15 December: Reading is the keystone habit that will transform your English. Find out where to find high-quality, challenging reading materials to make you not just a better English speaker but also a better communicator and thinker.

Episode 2: There's more to advent than calendars

Wednesday 8 December 2021: In this episode I talk about motivation and the concept of advent. You'll learn useful chunks for essay writing and speaking.

Episode 1: What's your Holy Grail?

Wednesday 1 December 2021: Learn the difference between receptive and productive skills and why you, as an advanced English learner, need to shift your focus. Use the interactive transcript and Quizlet flashcards to become a more confident speaker and writer.

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