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My name is Sean Hutchman and I’ve been teaching English as a foreign language to adults continuously since 2014 at a Barcelona area university. I have a BA in Hispanic Studies and International Studies from York University, an MA in Spanish literature from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Civil Law from McGill University. I also have the CELTA and DELTA (Module 2).

My interest in languages began in my hometown of Montréal, where I was raised in both English and French. I feel strongly that language teachers who have themselves managed to master at least one additional language are better able to serve their students.

In recent years I have begun creating my own teaching materials, many of which are freely available on this website. They are firmly grounded both in my experience as a language learner and teacher and in my study of second language acquisition. The following are key tenets of my approach to language teaching:

What sets me apart

Get high-quality feedback to become an articulate public speaker and writer.

Develop the skills to build rapport with your audience.

Learn the language as it's actually used.

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